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Best practices

The complicated nature of software that has the purpose of describing products and managing the product life cycle is huge and Best Practices need to be defined.

Especially considering that the products of manufacturing companies differ a lot. With Windchill and Creo, your company has invested in tools enabling you to increase your efficiency, quality, and reduce your development costs.

Key areas for a successful deployment:

  • Methodology.
  • Training.
  • Checks.


PDSVision, together with the customer, analyzes and identifies current practices and methods, pointing out deficiencies and suggests potential improvements. The foundation of the focus areas is customer requirements (reduced costs, higher user efficiency, more structured documentation, improved security, etc).

The result of the methodology is a documentation that, in detail, describes how the different users´ roles should use the system.

The development of methodology can be focused on:

  • CAD Handbook
  • PLM Handbook
  • A combination of the two.


It is important that the Creo and/or Windchill users are equipped with the right skills to perform the tasks expected of them. Interviews with the users determine their level of knowledge and in what areas they lack expertise. A role based training effort can then raise the user competence using instructor led training, web based training and/or mentoring.


When changes are made to the methodology, it is recommended to introduce means to check that these rules are followed. The level of control that is implemented varies from company to company. Checks can be implemented to reduce the risk of error. The user can be presented with feedback in an early state, so that they can easily be corrected. Generally the checks consist of:

  • CAD Model checks (e.g. circular references, use of correct templates, etc.)
  • Attribute Information checks (e.g. all attributes have been entered correctly)
  • PLM based quality checks (e.g. correct naming conventions, correct documentation in the BOM, etc.)

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