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Basics of FloEFD

Basics of FloEFD

Joel Köld

Joel är vår marknadsansvarig med mångårig sälj- och marknadserfarenhet hos PDS Vision Group. Du träffar Joel på vårt kontor i Stockholm eller på våra event.

Basics of FloEFD

The purpose of this course is to introduce users to effects of thermal analysis in general, in specific areas and to simulate hands-on lab exercises that simulate realistic activities. The course is designed to provide new users of FloEFD with a background sufficient for tackling a wide range of flow and thermal analysis problems. The main goals of the course are to make the student familiar with the operation and functionality of FloEFD and to instill good engineering modelling practices. The course covers the documented lectures and hands-on tutorials, with demonstrations used to illustrate important points as well as emphasize the ease-of-use and power of FloEFD. The combination of these different formats is designed to show the student the range of functionality available in FloEFD and how they can utilize them through appropriate tutorials covering a wide range of different applications.


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