Windchill PDMLink

The foundation for all PTC PLM solutions and the natural choice from anything between simply managing Creo files to full enterprise PLM.

Windchill PDMLink is the foundation for all PTC PLM solutions

Windchill PDMLink is the core of all products and where PDM/PLM starts. The architecture is completely web based and easy to configure making it suitable for larger enterprises as well as smaller and medium ones.

Document and content management

Any content stored in PDMLink is managed using versions, iterations and lifecycles. PDMLink is at the forefront when it comes to what document and content management can offer, with support for Part11, Electronic Signatures, ISO 9000 and other standards. It also integrates directly with MS Office to offer the casual document user a pleasant experience. Furthermore, Windchill is able to manage XML files and structures authored in Arbortext Editor.

As in most advanced document management systems there is a vast possibility of setting up teams, roles and rights within the system. It is also possible to differentiate these depending on organization, department or any other structure.

Predefined and fully customizable processes

Any document or file in PDMLink can be driven through a process workflow. PDMLink includes the most common engineering and quality processes as already predefined workflows, but these can easily be adapted. Change Management is probably the most important process as PTC has spent a lot of time streamlining its efficiency.

BOM and Configuration management

Windchill PDMLink manages the complete BOM. This means it cannot only manage the CAD data and its structure but really separate the CAD file and the part object. This enables, among other things, PDMLink to manage part components that are not described by a mechanical solution like glue or a sticker. This is important from a PLM perspective as it sets the foundation for the ability to manage the complete BOM. Once this is enabled PDMLink can assist with:

  • Management and analysis of the BOM
  • Reports
  • Configuration management of BOM
  • Design to order with automation of BOM
  • Managing multiple BOMs like E-BOM or SBOM

Any data management and view

A foundation for PLM is to manage all sets of data produced in an R&D department. Windchill PDMLink is not only enabled to manage Creo (even though it’s the best tool for it), but nearly all kinds of 3D CAD data (e.g. Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, NX, Catia) and PCB designs from nearly any ECAD system (e.g. Altium, Mentor, Zuken, Cadence). This is done with a direct link to the interface of these products helping the user to be efficient using their own tool.

Since not everyone in a company has CAD installed it becomes very central to be able to visualize any data stored in Windchill. Creo View is a lightweight viewer built into Windchill which provides the PDMLink user a view of any data stored. Using this tool users can also mark up, measure, print and perform many engineering review tasks without having the actual CAD system installed.

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