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Innovative Product Development

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling´s direct approach to 3D design is ideal for companies that need a lightweight and flexible design strategy to shorten design cycles and quickly create one-off product designs. From the world’s tallest crane to the smallest electromechanical linear drive, the Creo Elements / Direct Modeling helped design teams around the world manage complex design changes and deliver award winning and breakthrough products.

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling is ideal for product designer or design team. It is especially useful for those who work need to manage frequent and unexpected design changes, as well as those who expect to modify or reuse existing designs often.

Features and Benefits

  • Shorten the design cycles by leveraging the strength of a direct approach to 3D CAD design.
  • Fast adoption to the simplest approach to 3D.
  • Manage unpredictable or radical design change with flexibility.
  • Work with multi-CAD as easily as if you created it yourself.
  • Eliminate resource bottlenecks by giving everyone the opportunity to quickly pick up existing designs and carry them forward.


For companies who don’t need the additional overhead of 3D Design, then Creo Elements/Direct Drafting provides a powerful and productive 2D Design System.


Speed, flexibility and responsiveness to change for companies facing short design cycles, one-off product designs or companies demanding a lightweight design process.
Data Management

Data Management

Integrated product data management companions for Elements/Direct Modeling and Drafting, enabling companies to manage design data across its product lifecycle.
2D/3D Access

2D/3D Access

Rich 2D and 3D CAD visualization for companies and extended supply chains. Share high-quality 2D and 3D designs: View, inspect, and print 2D and 3D CAD design data.

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